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A LUT (Look Up Table) is a mathematical formula that transforms the color of a source image to new parameters in the resulting image. LUTs can be technical, such as transforming one colorspace to another or for calibrating a monitor, or they can be creative, such as giving your video a specific look or emulating a certain film stock.

Since LUTs apply the same color transformation regardless of the source footage, it is important to note that a LUT is not a one-click-and-you're-done solution. If the source shots do not match each other before the LUT, they will still not match after you apply the LUT. Our LUTs are designed to act as a base layer on which to build your color grade.

Since many programs support LUTs, they are a powerful and universal color correction tool. They will help you save time with your creative color grading and make it easy to achieve a professional look.


Speed up your workflow

LUT Co 3D LUTs were designed to make your color grading process easier and faster. Apply the same look across all your footage to create consistency between shots, use specific looks to portray unique moods, or combine looks to create an entirely new color grade of your own.


Meticulously Tested

LUT Co 3D LUTs were carefully crafted to work in as many different lighting and color situations with as many cameras as possible. From picturesque landscapes to moody interiors, and bright portraits to stylized music videos, LUT Co 3D LUTs help you achieve a consistent look in your color grade.


Skin Tone Protection

One of the most important aspects of color grading is creating pleasing skin tones. LUT Co 3D LUTs protect skin tones, making sure that no matter how drastic the look, your skin tones will stay looking realistic and natural, across every ethnicity and skin color.


Simplified Workflow

LUT Co 3D LUTs integrate into almost any editing or color program. And unlike expensive and bulky plugins, color grading with LUTs allows you to take full advantage of your system's speed for real-time playback at any resolution.


Take your color to the next level.

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