One look. Endless Potential.

The LUT Co Signature Series Wedding LUT Pack is designed to simplify your color grading process and increase productivity by creating a consistent look across a variety of lighting conditions, locations, and colors. Inspired by actual film (Kodak Gold 100) it features a built-in contrast curve that works with a wide variety of cameras, so that you only have to focus on making minor adjustments like white balance, tint, contrast and saturation. The cool greens, rich skin tones, and soft highlight roll-off give this LUT its distinct look.


Skin Tone Refinement

One of the most important aspects of a LUT is how it handles skin tones. That’s why we took great care in designing the Signature Series Wedding LUT to refine and enhance skin tones - regardless of ethnicity. Even if the skin tones in your shot are a bit off, the LUT will be able to bring them back to the proper tone. This makes it easier for you to achieve beautiful, vibrant colors in all of your wedding films without having to spend extra time adjusting curves.


Consistent Colors In photos and video

Our Signature Series Wedding LUT was designed to work with both photo and video applications, so if you are shooting both for the same wedding, you don’t have to worry about your photos looking different than your video. With more LUT support in photo applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Alien Skin, you can get beautiful and consistent colors whether you’re a photographer, videographer, or both.


Tested and trusted by Actual Wedding Filmmakers

When we set out to make a wedding LUT, we wanted to make sure it was as beautiful and easy to use as possible. That’s why we worked with a group of the best wedding filmmakers to put the LUT to the ultimate test. We truly believe we came out with the best LUT for weddings on the market.