Designed for a wide variety of looks

Sometimes it can be challenging to create a look for your project. We created the Spectra LUT Pack to help with the color grading process by acting as a base layer on which to build a look. Designed to work with a wide variety of lighting conditions, cameras, locations, and colors, it includes 28 LUTs organized into 4 categories and 12 bonus LUTs. Each category features a slightly different contrast curve and highlight roll-off.


Fairmont 01

Warm highlights and teal tones with neutral shadows. Use this LUT to give your footage a classic nostalgic look.

Fairmont 02

Warm Highlights and teal tones with cooler shadows pushed towards blue.

Fairmont 03

Cooler tones, clarity in the mid-tones with neutral highlights and shadows. Rich, blush-inspired skin tones.

Fairmont 04

Rich greens pushed toward greenish blue, slightly desaturated skin tones and soft highlights that retain subtle details.

Integra 01

Skin tones retained and slightly saturated while shifting blues toward teal, green toward brown. Blue shadows.

Integra 02

Slightly desaturated skin tones with rich green tones in the shadows and a subtle warmth introduced into the highlights.

Integra 03

Soft highlights and a dreamy look while retaining detail in the mid-tones. Greenish skin tones are pushed towards magenta, making this LUT perfect for fixing a green color cast caused by vegetation or green screens.

Integra 04

Blue tones pushed into the shadows and softened skin tones to create a natural teal-orange look.


Deep brown tones, muted greens and a very gentle rolloff in the highlights give this LUT a modernized version of this faded nostalgic look.


Warm overall look with faded highlights, a smooth contrast curve into the shadows and teal-blue tones.


This LUT pushes red tones toward yellow, yellow tones toward magenta, green tones toward blue and blue tones toward teal, in order to achieve a strong color contrast.


The classic teal-orange, Hollywood, blockbuster, whatever-you-want-to-call-it look, done right. This LUT will give your footage teal-blue shadows and mid-tones with qualified skin tones and rich contrast.


Strong s-curve and increased saturation in the mid-tones. Don't worry, we kept your skin tones safe.


Deep, saturated blue tones, greens pushed towards brown and a strong contrast curve for rich tones.


Warm, saturated colors, strong contrast curve with deep shadows, and slightly cooler skin tones.


This LUT emphasizes mid-tones by creating deep shadows and faded highlights. Some green tones are desaturated heavily pushed towards yellow.